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Chair of Historic Calendar Production

Heritage Acton Volunteer Vacancy 

Heritage Acton is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the historic Acton Town Hall Centre. Our mission is to offer a beautiful, historic gathering place that is a vibrant part of our diverse community.
The Acton Town Hall Centre is the only remaining 1880’s building of Victorian architectural design in the Acton community.  It serves as a local cultural attraction. The building houses historical artworks, original furnishing, archival collections, and photographs. It is an accessible site with environmentally responsible practices.

About the Opportunity

As the Chair of Historic Calendar Production, you will play a vital role in organizing and overseeing the creation and distribution of an annual historic calendar for Acton, including Rural Lines. This volunteer position requires effective coordination, communication, and leadership skills to ensure the successful execution of the project. This is an established role that would be used as a basis for you moving forward.


1.    Content Organization:
•    Coordinate the collection and organization of content for the historic calendar.
•    Ensure that articles are prepared and edited to maintain quality and accuracy.
•    Contact contributors and writers as necessary to gather content.
•    Edit the inside back two pages for accuracy
•    Coordinate with a proofreader to help ensure accuracy
2.    Publisher Liaison:
•    Act as the primary point of contact with the publisher for calendar printing.
•    Coordinate with the publisher to finalize printing arrangements, including specifications and deadlines and point of delivery for distribution

3.    Distribution Management:
•    Work with Canada Post or other relevant delivery services to ensure timely and accurate distribution of the calendars.
•    Manage logistics related to the delivery process to town and rural addresses including addressing any issues or concerns that may arise.
4.    Team Management:
•    Recruit and manage a team of volunteers to assist with various aspects of calendar production.
•    Delegate tasks effectively and provide support and guidance to team members as needed.
•    Ensure that team members are motivated and working collaboratively towards the common goal.
5.    Photography Coordination:
•    Oversee the selection and acquisition of suitable images for inclusion in the calendar.
•    Work with photographers and contributors to obtain necessary permissions for image usage.
6.    Formatter Oversight:
•    Ensure the appointment of a dedicated formatter to oversee the layout and design of the calendar.
•    Provide support and guidance to the formatter to ensure consistency and adherence to established standards.
7.    Continuity Maintenance:
•    Ensure that processes and procedures are documented to facilitate smooth transition for future calendar productions.
•    Work to maintain the continuity of the calendar project from year to year, building on past successes and addressing any areas for improvement.


•    Excellent organizational and project management skills.
•    Strong communication and interpersonal abilities.
•    Ability to effectively delegate tasks and manage a team.
•    Attention to detail and commitment to quality.
•    Familiarity with publishing processes and/or calendar production is an asset.
•    Availability to dedicate sufficient time to oversee the project from start to finish.

Note: While writers are not necessarily needed at the moment, their involvement may become necessary during specific phases of the project. Flexibility and adaptability are key qualities for this role.

Time Commitment:
50 hours

Volunteer Agreement:

A Heritage Acton Board Member Agreement will be provided to the interested party.  A signature will confirm that the expectations, responsibilities, and guidelines have been understood and accepted. 

Heritage Acton       19 Willow St. N., Acton, ON L7J 1Z6

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