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Historic Mayor's chair gets a makeover ...

Updated: Feb 20

The mayor's chair has been restored, thanks to the generous funding from Heritage Acton

friends/volunteers Michelle Follows and Kevin Hazzard. If you've ever attended an event at Acton Town Hall Centre, you might have seen or even sat on this piece of Acton's individual political history. Occupied by the Reeve (what mayors were called prior to the 1950's), this ornate chair is now used for ceremonial purposes. Artifacts that occupy many spaces of Acton Town Hall Centre ensure the history of Acton and surrounding area is preserved, providing a window into the past that continues to inform the future. It's what history, and building preservation is all about! Furniture Renew, located in Erin, Ontario performed this beautiful, and complicated restoration.

(below: Lloyd, Michelle and Kevin unveil the chair)

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