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Sorry, we don't issue building permits

Updated: Mar 22

Answering the voicemail on the Acton Town Hall phone line has been an interesting journey. When The Town of Halton Hills monikered their physical building at 1 Halton Hills Drive in Georgetown "Town Hall", it generated some confusion for the citizens of Acton. People searching for their place of municipal governance would find the Acton Town Hall Centre phone number and think it was the place to call for complaining about nasty neighbours, building permits, garbage pick up issues, etc. We've had some interesting messages left on our voicemail over the years! After updating our voicemail with an introductory explanation of who we are, this helped to reduce those calls but we still get a few.

Fast forward a few years, and with an updated website, we get very few telephone calls. For those folks calling about renting the hall, inquiries can be easily completed online after accessing our booking calendar to see available dates. It’s been a real boon for the volunteers who manage the bookings and events. opens the door to everything you need to know about our beautiful building: availability, upcoming events, and info on how to purchase tickets or rent a room(s). Facility tours can also be arranged with the booking inquiry. It’s worth taking a look around, even if you don’t need to book one of our venues. We hope you like what you see :)

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