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A Season of Thanks

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

seasonal planter at Acton Town Hall Centre
A season of thanks

A message from Lloyd McIntyre, Chair of Heritage Acton.

This is certainly a time for being thankful, helpful to others, and for creating life long memories. Heritage Acton is so very thankful for all of the volunteers, individuals, businesses, companies, organizations and levels of government who have contributed so generously to the restoration, and

maintenance of the heritage building that we now call The Acton Town Hall Centre. The original group of citizens that saved the hall from demolition in the 1970s, would be so pleased to know that their dream of creating a downtown community hub for all to enjoy has come to fruition.

We are certainly fortunate to live in a community that provides so many opportunities to participate in a variety of diverse events and activities. A big thank you to the Town for their programs and support, and to all of the community groups, clubs, churches and associations for all that they do for our community!

On behalf of everyone at Heritage Acton I wish you a most enjoyable season of many special celebrations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lloyd McIntyre,

Heritage Acton

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